Dreams are not only Dreams…but i believe they got meanings…to warn to predict the future or simply what was just going in your mind.

i had this dream last night August 17, 2008 by the time i am not aware of i dream of a bird named Marcus….

and after that i just cant get this off my mind.

check it out!

I was actually underwater and was amazed by all the sea creatures living underwater.
I was fascinated by the giant Sugpo i saw along the way…and a huge Horn flower passing by then surprisingly a very cute white bird appeared in front of me. and i think that was a lovebird ahhmmm…slightly bigger than an ordinary parakeet but I’m quite sure thats a lovebird.

The body is white feathered…but the eye portion is light green and somewhat aqua blue. then the wings has a lining of purple. but you see i was actually underwater…and a bird appeared??? peculiar right !?

then i came to catch the bird using a thread, and i was so surprised that the bird was so tame…. and his name is MARCUS. its funny how i came to know his name he is not even talking in my dream. at first i thought Marcus is a she because his nose is white…
you know…lovebirds are known female when the nose is white and blue for male.
then, i was really fascinated by this lovebird…he is so so so cute!!! wacko!!!!

then i tap the bird with my hand to pamper him and to put him into sleep but as i tap the bird it became a very cute baby boy.I think an eight month old and younger but definitely not a one year old.i was so amazed  but after i tap the baby again it became a love bird again….

then…i woke up. that’s a very cute dream i ever had you know.

i really love the baby and the bird…i was hunting for more of that dream.

u know, it was not my first time to dream about a baby boy it was actually a second one but the detail of the first is not clear this one is very cute thats maybe the reason why i came to remember the details.

right now i find that dream  very  “CHALLENGING”

challenging for me to find ….